UNESCO lauds the return of "historic" Saudi-initiated cultural meeting during Italian G20

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ROME, July 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --

-- Cultural leaders of the G20 have met for the second time since Saudi Arabia inaugurated the Cultural Ministerial Meeting during its presidency last year -- The G20 Culture Ministerial Meeting is a leading cultural policy forum for a sector worth US$2.3 trillion globally -- Saudi Arabia moves forward with its cultural transformation, fostering its domestic creative talent and supporting multilateral efforts to conserve global culture The second G20 Culture Ministerial Meeting (CMM) has taken place in Rome, building on the success of the Saudi-led initiative inaugurated under its presidency last year.

A Ministerial Declaration on culture will be adopted by the G20 members. It is expected that Ministers will agree to strengthen rules combatting illicit trafficking of cultural property and give greater prominence to the role of culture as a driver of climate action, particularly the preservation of cultural heritage. They are also likely to promise greater investment in culture-related education, training, employment and provide greater access to culture online.

In a statement following the meeting, UNESCO celebrated the expected outcomes: "Italy has taken important steps with a view to integrating culture on a permanent basis in the G20... This dynamic is in line with the historic advance achieved at the initiative of Saudi Arabia, which put culture on the G20's agenda in 2020."

The CMM is a high-level platform intended to tackle issues of critical importance to the global cultural and creative economy, which is estimated to be worth US$2.3 trillion. The addition of a cultural pillar to the G20 agenda boosts a sector affected by the pandemic more than most, given that G20 members represent 60% of the world's population and 80% of global GDP.

The Kingdom was represented by HH Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan Al Saud, Minister of Culture, who said:

"Saudi Arabia celebrates the return of culture to the annual G20 Agenda, recognizing the importance of culture in advancing the G20 mission for greater global economic cooperation. We thank our Italian hosts for building on the momentum generated in Riyadh last year.

"For the last two years, G20 members have discussed the critical importance of culture - its preservation and development - as a driver of economic growth.

"Saudi Arabia is seeing the benefits firsthand as we undergo a cultural transformation across the Kingdom - from the addition of the Ḥimā Cultural Area as our sixth UNESCO World Heritage Site, to celebrating home-grown talent on the global stage at world renowned events, such as the Venice Biennale and Cannes Film Festival."

Saudi Arabia, which is undergoing a cultural transformation as part of Vison 2030, has made great strides towards preserving and developing its cultural sector. This includes developing a world-leading center to preserve underwater cultural heritage in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf Region, announced at last year's CMM, the establishment of new cultural festivals throughout the Kingdom, and the creation of new support ecosystems for Saudi creatives.

Saudi Arabia is also supporting other multilateral efforts to conserve global culture. In 2019, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Culture signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UNESCO to contribute $25 million to the preservation of heritage worldwide. The Kingdom invests in initiatives that will enhance international cooperation for research and capacity building, education, training and to explore the tremendous potential of digitalization in the cultural sector.

Notes to Editors: UNESCO - UNESCO statement: G20 adopts Culture Declaration for the first time.

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Meysan Partners and Arkan Legal Consultants Group announce merger

KUWAIT CITY, Jan. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Meysan Partners ("Meysan") and Arkan Legal Consultants Group ("Arkan"), two Kuwait-based highly recognized law firms, will join forces as of January 1, 2022, to give clients the combined benefit of two first class, client-focused law firms, representing one of the largest law firm mergers in the Middle East's legal market in the past decade. The combined firm will operate under the name Meysan Partners.

"We are delighted to announce this merger with Arkan, by joining forces, our clients will benefit from the collective talent and resources of two market-leading firms, which will in turn help Meysan expand its services and confirm its position as the leading law firm in Kuwait," said Waleed Al Tattan, Chairman and Partner of Meysan Partners.

"It is all about meeting growing client demands, lawyers from both firms complement each other in practice areas, vision and culture," he added.

"For Arkan, the merger greatly expands our presence in Kuwait, where Meysan has a strong client base, and we gain a larger geographical footprint and a broader network that will enable us to expand services provided to our clients," commented Hussein Al-Abdullah, Arkan managing partner.

Meysan will continue to offer significant breadth and depth of experience in practice areas that include Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets, Regulatory and Government Affairs, Private Clients, and Dispute Resolution.

All members of the Arkan and their staff will be working from Meysan Partners' offices and will continue to provide the same high-quality services that all clients have come to rely upon.

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About Arkan

Arkan Legal Consultants Group was established in 2010 by a group of Kuwaiti lawyers and is currently one of the fastest growing and expanding legal Groups in Kuwait.

CONTACT: Tsoler Mardikian, tmardikian@meysan.com, +961 76 777 426

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Svenska Rikslagen: New political party in Sweden

Press Conference to be held on 22 January, 2022

STOCKHOLM, Jan. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The party Svenska Rikslagen has been registered in Sweden. The party is focused on being voted into the Swedish Parliament in the September 2022 election.

https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1726814/Svenska_Rikslagen_Logo.jpg ]

Our background

Svenska Rikslagen was created in response to the Swedish government's response to the Covid pandemic.

Our agenda

With the origin from the UN convention of human rights and with support of Sweden's national laws, Svenska Rikslagen will at an individual level, together with advocates and scientists, evaluate elected leaders' actions and where applicable demand responsibility.

Svenska Rikslagen plans to question and evaluate:

-- The judicial legitimacy for a vaccine passport -- The responsibility concerning vaccination programs directed at children and youth -- The systematic discrimination against non-vaccinated citizens -- Responsibility and benefits of the vaccines' effects vs. adverse reactions -- The lock-downs' economic effects Our voters - together we are strong

Svenska Rikslagen does not differentiate between ethnic backgrounds, man or woman, vaccinated or unvaccinated. Svenska Rikslagen is a politically unalligned party which takes a stand for all Swedish citizens who seek truth and justice.

With the party Svenska Rikslagen, citizens and people from all walks of life receive a gathering place to unite and speak out. It is no longer about public health or dividing people into groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated. It is about uniting the people and standing up for our human rights.

Invitation for press conference

Participation: Members of the board, representatives for the party, journalists, etc.

Place: Stockholm, Sweden. Exact address will be presented on our website.

Date: Saturday 22 January 2022 at 10.00 AM

Party chairman Svenska Rikslagen

Contact: Martin Zetterstedt +46 709769977 martinzetterstedt@hotmail.com val@svenskarikslagen.se


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Quarterly-released index ensures seafarers are paid on par with market standards

SINGAPORE, Jan. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Seafaring as a career option has been significantly diluted by the ongoing pandemic. Global news coverage revolving around the crew change crisis and related issues resulted in many aspiring seafarers re-evaluate their decisions. As a first step to entice aspiring seafarers to reconsider their options, salaries are key. Candidates looking for employment would naturally expect to be paid on par with competition. However, the task of finding out can be challenging.

Companies spend substantially on employees' salaries and benefits combined. How an organisation compensates its most important asset has a huge impact on the overall team performance, as well as the industry at large. Marine Online's recruitment arm, Crewing Online, released a quarterly salary index to help employers stay on target to attract and retain the best talents.

Edmund Chik, Marine Online's Deputy Chief Operating Officer, remarked, "Compensations have an enormous impact on company performance. Hence, more focus should be invested in compensation strategies to remain on target to attract and retain the best talents. Our GSSI is a comprehensive data set that provides an understanding of prevailing pay rates and trends."

"To ensure authenticity and reliability, they are collated from both global seafarer agencies as well as seafarers' disclosure. Our quarterly-released GSSI will help shipowners, manning agencies and seafarers identify salary discrepancies to ensure all parties are updated on the salary trends. Above all, it helps rekindle seafarers' liking to their career option."

The company has recently assisted a Chinese shipowner assemble an Indonesian crew - taking care of all readying procedures including transportation. Crew customisation service is also available at Marine Online. As a one-stop platform, it is also able to assist clients in obtaining necessary certification, even from the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP).

Marine Online is a long-term partner of the AMP, enabling shipowners to register their vessels and apply for crew endorsements through the platform. With everything carried out digitally, shipowners are exempted from the chore of physically heading to the Panama embassy in Singapore for administrative procedures. As a client-centric platform providing maritime professionals with value-add maritime solutions, Marine Online to date has transacted for clientele from Indonesia, China, Singapore, and Greece.

About Marine Online (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Marine Online is the world's first one-stop integrated platform specialising in maritime services for the global market. Launched in 2019, it has provided various maritime services through its revolutionary A.I and Big Data enabled platform to regional ship and cargo owners. With its suite of services, Marine Online shapes the future of maritime industry by using cutting edge technology to create business opportunities and connections. For more information, visit marineonline.com.

CONTACT: +65 6571 5888, Email: marketing@marineonline.com

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AI Optimization Technology Company Nota Selected as NVIDIA Inception Premier Member

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Nota (CEO Myungsu Chae), an AI optimization technology company, announced that it has been promoted to Premier status in the NVIDIA Inception program.

NVIDIA Inception nurtures cutting-edge startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data science. The free program has 9,000+ members who are given access to the best technical tools, latest resources, and opportunities to connect with investors. As a startup matures, its Inception benefits also evolve to further company growth. Premier members receive increased NVIDIA marketing support, access to Premier-only member events, and a dedicated NVIDIA relationship manager.

Selected as an Inception Premier member through the program's rigorous selection process, Nota, based on its AI optimization source technology, provides NetsPresso, a representative solution, an edge-based intelligent transportation system, facial recognition-based access authentication, and low-power driver monitoring solution in the vehicle. Nota plans to advance its AI optimization technology and meet customer needs in the market through close collaboration with NVIDIA.

Nota CEO Myungsu Chae said, "I am proud to have been selected alongside outstanding global AI companies in the first year of cooperation with NVIDIA."

In addition, Nota participated in NVIDIA GTC, held in November, and introduced NetsPresso, a hardware-aware AutoML platform. Nota's AI optimization technology, edge-based intelligent transportation system, and low-power driver monitoring solution will also be presented at 2022 Embedded Vision Summit, the premier conference and expo devoted to practical, deployable computer vision and visual AI to be held in California, USA in June.

Nota Website: https://nota.ai

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CONTACT: Danbee Choi, +82-10-7443-6333, danbee@nota.ai

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EcoFlow Launches the DELTA Pro, its Pioneering Portable Power Station, in Europe

As the sixth most-funded project ever in the history of Kickstarter, the DELTA Pro broke records to raise over EUR10.6 million

PARDUBICE, Czech Republic, Jan. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- EcoFlow, a portable power and renewable energy solutions company, has launched the industry-leading DELTA Pro portable home battery in Europe. Originally a Kickstarter campaign, it smashed records to become the most-funded tech project at the time and still ranks sixth among all projects to date.

With a base capacity of 3.6kWh and expandable to 25kWh, the DELTA Pro is the industry's first portable home battery and can provide multiple days' worth of backup energy to families in the case of emergencies. In September 2021, EcoFlow launched the DELTA Max and the DELTA mini in Europe, both of which are designed to offer backup power for shorter blackout periods.

"DELTA Pro's highly successful Kickstarter campaign overwhelmingly demonstrates the consumer desire for portable clean energy power and storage solutions," said Thomas Chan, R&D Director at EcoFlow. "Reliable access to power is front-of-mind for consumers, as rising cases of extreme weather and power outages emphasize the need for greater preparation and sustainable power sources. EcoFlow strives to ensure that consumers and their families feel ready and secure, and it is this very purpose that inspires us to innovate and provide even safer and more reliable power solutions."

Reliable and Renewable: The Ultimate Emergency Power Solution

Providing a dependable power solution that enables disaster preparedness lies at the heart of EcoFlow's DELTA series. "EcoFlow is determined to take on a bigger role in disaster preparedness, not just by providing resilient technology but also by giving people the proper knowledge and tools so that they can always have peace of mind," said Chan.

This purpose has clearly resonated with consumers. When the company launched a crowdfunding campaign for the DELTA Pro on Kickstarter in July 2021, it raised $1 million (approx. EUR0.84 million) within the first 10 minutes. At the end of the two-month campaign, over $12 million (approx. EUR10.6 million) had been raised, breaking Kickstarter's then-record by over $4.3 million (approx. EUR3.8 million) to become the most-funded tech project at the time. Today, the Delta PRO crowdfunding campaign still ranks sixth among all Kickstarter projects.

In November, TIME named the DELTA Pro as one of the 100 Best Inventions of 2021, which honors innovations "that are making the world better, smarter, and even a bit more fun." Recognized in the Sustainability category, EcoFlow was noted for its pioneering product development.

As the first product of its kind, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro represents a significant step towards the company's ambitious vision of empowering sustainability by providing a robust, low-carbon, and renewable energy solution for individuals, households, and industries alike.

About EcoFlow

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind power to customers in over 85 markets through its DELTA and RIVER product lines of portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories. EcoFlow's mission is to reinvent the way the world accesses energy by innovating lighter-weight and longer-lasting clean, quiet, and renewable power storage solutions. EcoFlow's products are now available in 35 countries and regions across Europe, supported by a network of over 300 local retailers.

For more information, please go to EcoFlow's website.

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CONTACT: EcoFlow Greater Europe PR, donna.ding@ecoflow.com, (086)18138401354

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MECCA to Streamline Compliance with Centric PLM(TM)

Cosmetics retailer MECCA partners with Centric Software(®) to enhance compliance, labeling and certification management

CAMPBELL, Calif., Jan. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Australasia's leading beauty retailer, MECCA, has selected Centric Software's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution. Centric Software provides the most innovative enterprise solutions to plan, design, develop, source and sell products such as apparel, footwear, sporting goods, furniture, home décor, cosmetics, food & beverage and luxury to achieve strategic and operational digital transformation goals.

Founded more than 20 years ago, MECCA has redefined the Australian and New Zealand beauty landscape, offering from around 200 brands including signature lines MECCA Cosmetica and MECCA MAX. The products on offer include cosmetics, skin care, hair care, fragrance and body care, as well as accessories, both in-store and online in Australia and New Zealand, and via their TMALL store in China.

With rapid growth in the beauty and wellness market, constantly changing consumer trends and the expansion of product portfolios, MECCA saw a need to enhance and improve automation for existing processes involving compliance and traceability. Seeking a solution with an integrated quality management system to streamline processes and centralize ingredient, product claims and certification data in a secure environment, MECCA chose to implement Centric PLM for Cosmetics and Personal Care.

"We're operating in such a high pace environment that it's important we can rely on our back-end systems, like Centric PLM, to help set our business up to meet our customers' needs today and well into the future. Centric PLM will provide us with a comprehensive end-to-end solution to help us handle large volumes of product launches, while making sure we meet strict compliance regulations," said David Cumberland, Head of Finance at MECCA.

With Centric PLM, MECCA aims to streamline regulatory compliance for products and their raw materials, systematize processes around labelling and the verification of product claims, and automate the collation and storage of certifications.

"We are very happy to welcome MECCA on board," says Chris Groves, President and CEO of Centric Software. "MECCA recognizes the strength of Centric's single, actionable source of truth approach, particularly for managing compliance, and we are looking forward to working with MECCA to expand the scope of PLM across their business in the long-term." Read the full press release.

Learn more about Centric Cosmetics and Personal Care PLM

Request a Demo

Media Contacts: EMEA: Kristen Salaun-Batby, ksalaun-batby@centricsoftware.com

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CONTACT: Media contact: Angélique Cuilhé, Senior Marketing Manager - EMEA, angelique.cuilhe@centricsoftware.com, Mob +33 (0)6 10 24 53 96

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