International Day of Families 2022: XCMG's Environmentally-Friendly, Compact, and Lightweight Construction Equipment Creates Livable Urban Commun

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XUZHOU, China, May 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In urban areas, XCMG (SHE: 000425)'s compact, lightweight, and environmentally friendly construction equipment facilitates efficient and environmentally friendly urbanization. In order to create and support energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly urban infrastructure, the construction equipment used to build such infrastructure likewise has to be energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, and also has to be tailored for use in small and narrow urban spaces.

"Whether it is low-carbon or zero-carbon infrastructure, it is important to integrate buildings, energy, and transportation. In the pursuit of an environmentally-friendly construction process, the use of low-carbon and zero-carbon equipment plays a crucial supporting role," said Lu Chuan, President of XCMG.

XCMG's equipment has been used in a variety of urban community construction projects, including in cities such as New York City and Paris, helping to build residential areas, public transport infrastructure, and high-rise buildings. Among the highlights of XCMG's product catalog are its crawler cranes - model XGC400-I, which successfully completed the hoisting of prefabricated buildings in Singapore within a short construction period. It only took 2 days to get ready for the construction with superior adaptability, flexibility and load capacity compared with other products.

On 8 April 2022, Euromecamat, the French proxy for XCMG, sold a new flagship XE27E mini excavator to the French municipality of Saint-Flour-de-Mercoire. The excavator, which is known for its fast response, accurate controls, and safety and comfort considerations, will be used for municipal renovation and road repair.

Aside from the XE27E, more than 300 full-range custom excavators weighing between 1.5 tons and 49 tons are headed for the United States to help with local infrastructure construction. In Louisville, Kentucky, the XE35U is known for its dexterous nature and compact body, making it appropriate for cities and small spaces. The powerful and efficient XE35U also minimizes fuel consumption, generating more returns for customers.

The equipment used in urban construction is not only utilized in the area of construction, but may also appear as common transportation equipment. For example, they may be used in the form of sprinklers, fire trucks, road cleaning vehicles, oil tankers, mixer trucks, dump trucks, or even regular trucks carrying goods and livestock. XCMG's heavy-duty trucks have reported record-breaking sales volumes, and the delivery of a new batch of products in China has recently been completed.

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Bring the Excitement of Stadium Directly into Your Home with Hisense New ULED TV U7

QINGDAO, China, May 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Hisense, a world-renowned technology enterprise, has always been committed to creating cutting-edge technology, ensuring that consumers can easily connect to the world through Hisense's self-developed technology. In 2021, benefiting from being the global sponsor of UEFA EURO 2020, Hisense recorded an exceptional market performance in Europe. As UEFA EURO 2020's hero product, the ULED TV series delivered an immersive viewing experience for consumers, with over 45% YoY sales volume growth in Europe.

Stepping into 2022, Hisense will continue its efforts in deepening display technology, forging better and more superb quality TVs. As the TV industry leader and the Official Sponsor of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022(TM), Hisense is launching a new ULED TV - U7H, to ensure more consumers can enjoy pleasurable TV moments, especially for better sports viewing experience.

Hisense ULED TV Ultra-Large Screen Is Gateway to the Stadium

According to Mordor Intelligence, the large screen display market is expected to record a CAGR of 6.6% during the forecast period of 2021 to 2026, revealing that large screen TVs are expecting increased market demand from consumers.

In fact, since the launch of ULED TVs, Hisense has been leading the large-screen TV market, meeting consumer demand and creating stadium or theater-like experience.

As FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022(TM) approaches, more consumers are looking for larger-screen TVs to enjoy the game nicely. Hisense's upcoming ULED TV U7H is a large-screen TV, designed to give a better and perfect viewing experience for consumers. With screen sizes ranging from 55 to 65 inches, consumers can watch games more immersive, creating a stadium-like experience, bringing stadium home through Hisense large screen TV.

Ultra 4K Resolution for Full Immersion During Big Game

To create a better and new ULED TV experience, Hisense incorporated its industry-leading TV technologies into U7H. For example, when detecting a sports signal, U7H switches to Sports Mode for an immersive live stadium experience, from picture to sound. The Native 120Hz Refresh Rate and Sports Mode remove "noises" using a dynamic algorithm tailored to moving objects. Besides, with the blessing of Quantum Dot Technology, HDR 10+ Adaptive, Full Array Local Dimming, 600+ nit Peaking Brightness, VIDAA U6 SMART OS, Dolby Vision·Atoms, Game Mode Pro, and so on, it creates crystal-clear sports scenes, so that consumers can enjoy dynamic scenes on a bigger screen.

Over decades of technological experiments, Hisense's expectations and standards for ULED TVs are increasing. As the pioneer product in the field, Hisense ULED TV U7H is ideal for consumers looking for a premium home viewing experience. Hisense U7H TV will be launched in the European market soon, if you're looking to take your viewing experience to higher level and enjoy a better FIFA World cup, find Hisense U7H at Hisense website or local retails for dynamic home movie experiences.

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Tech for a Better Planet: Can Technology Protect Our Home?

SHENZHEN, China, May 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 6, Huawei is hosting the 2022 Tech for a Better Planet summit with support from IUCN(International Union for Conservation of Nature).

With greenhouse gases choking the earth and up to 1 million of plant and animal species threatened with extinction, World Environment Day 2022 comes at a time when our planet is facing unprecedented challenges.

The world's growing population requires more power than ever before, with average energy consumption jumping by 1% to 2% every year. And increasing technology adoption is a contributing factor to humanity's growing carbon footprint. For example, in 2020, smartphones accounted for 1% of global carbon emissions, but this is forecast to rise to 3.5% within a decade. Equally, traffic on telecom networks is predicted to increase fivefold from 2018 to 2024, with each person in the world expected to generate the data equivalent of 6,700 photo uploads per day.

So, is technology helping or hurting the planet? Can we turn the tide against the environmental threats using technology?

A key step moving forward is to prioritize energy-efficiency and green development in the technology sector and to pass on the innovations we make to other industries. From green communications networks to green data centers, green innovations can make a pivotal difference to the global carbon footprint created by business. By adopting digital technologies, we predict that industries can reduce their energy consumption by 20% by 2030, a carbon offset that will be ten times greater than the energy used by the ICT sector itself.

However, increased energy consumption is not the only threat our planet faces. The ability of the world's rainforests to remove carbon from the atmosphere is declining as rapidly as forest cover is disappearing, reducing carbon sinks and creating a domino effect on habitat and biodiversity loss.

For nature conservation, we must develop solutions that can understand the world's ecosystems and form the basis of effective protective measures. With our partners, including the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and Rainforest Connection, we have been developing solutions under our Tech4Nature and TECH4ALL initiatives to make this possible in ecosystems around the world, from rainforests, mountains, and plateaus to wetlands, rivers, and oceans.

Infrared camera technology analyzed by cloud AI, for example, is helping to track and monitor species that are close to extinction, including the Darwin's fox and Hainan gibbon.

Similar technologies are enabling the restoration of a coral reef system in the Indian Ocean and working to prevent an invasive species from decimating wild Atlantic salmon populations in Europe. AI-powered acoustics solutions deployed in tree canopies can detect the sounds of chainsaws and trucks associated with illegal logging in rainforests and send real-time alerts to rangers in the field. According to the UN, up to 90% of logging is illegal and, since pre-industrial times, 64% of all rainforest has been destroyed or degraded.

Collaborate for conservation

While technology underpins nature conservation and the net zero journey, partnerships deliver the results. On June 6 - the day after World Environment Day 2022 - Huawei is hosting the 2022 Tech for a Better Planet summit with support from IUCN. Our partners will be discussing the role of technology as an enabler of protecting and restoring our badly damaged planet, including many of the projects outlined in this article.

After all, we only have one earth.

Click the link to register for the webinar.

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ROSHN announces 'ALAROUS', bringing its vision for integrated communities to the Kingdom's West Coast

-- ALAROUS brings 18,000 new homes over a site of approximately 4 million square meters in northern Jeddah -- Integrated amenities and walkable neighborhoods aim to bring a new way of living to the city JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- ROSHN, Saudi Arabia's leading national real estate developer, fully owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) and chaired by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, announced the launch of its new ALAROUS community during the MBS League match between Al-Ittihad and Al-Hilal held in the King Abdullah Sports City stadium in Jeddah, on the evening of May 23, 2022.

ALAROUS is being built in northern Jeddah at a strategically located site that grants its population good access to the city via main roads and the public transportation network. Like other ROSHN communities, it is designed to offer a modern, open lifestyle, while preserving the Kingdom's rich heritage and local urban designs. The new community will extend over approximately 4 million square meters and offer more than 18,000 thousand residential units designed to suit all segments of society. It features a range of integrated amenities that provide a high-quality and fulfilling lifestyle to its residents, including parks, pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths, restaurants, cafes, schools and mosques.

ALAROUS is ROSHN's second community, and part of a larger strategy of developing modern and vibrant neighborhoods in four regions and nine cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its launch is another important step towards the Vision 2030 ambitions of raising the quality of life of all Saudi citizens and boosting homeownership levels across the country.

For more information on ROSHN's new way of living visit

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Euroleague Basketball expands Web3 strategy with Interactive Video NFT's in collaboration with Clancy International

TORONTO, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the launch of EuroLeague Land, which allowed fans to enjoy the 2022 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four in a virtual immersive experience, Euroleague Basketball announced a multi-year partnership with Clancy International. The Clancy Interactive Video NFT platform will allow Clancy EuroLeague fans the chance to own and collect interactive video NFT's. This is a continuing development of the EuroLeague Web3 strategy.

Web3 is the new engagement space for sports, e-sports and entertainment fans based on blockchain technology. And interactive video NFT's now give fans the chance to redefine their relationship with their passions and truly own a piece of the content produced by the league, clubs and players.

For example, EuroLeague now has interactive video cards, called EuroLeague EuroReels, minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to ensure the uniqueness of each item. The EuroReels capture key moments of the 2021-22 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague season and will be bundled with a set of information and statistics, making them a true collector's item. EuroReels will come in various rarities and customized cases.

Rem Langan, CEO of Clancy, said: "We are very happy to be working with such a progressive and globally renowned sports league. EuroLeague has passionate fans and we are excited to bring them a high-quality digital experience. It is an honor to work alongside a sports and entertainment organization driven by such creativity, innovation and fan-excellence. Clancy is excited to welcome Euroleague Basketball to its growing portfolio of global sport brands like S.L. Benfica."

The Euroleague partnership department has been working in the last 12 months to define an appropriate Web3 strategy, maximizing engagement opportunities for fans and consumers. The partnership with Clancy aims to not only create new virtual products but to keep the functionality of the products attuned to the engagement expectations of fans.

"Our fans deserve our best efforts to go all-out and create engagement spaces in which they feel comfortable and entertained, and we are very satisfied to have accomplished that with Clancy," Roser Queralto, Chief Business Officer at Euroleague Basketball, said. "The Web3 space is still in its infancy but partnering with robust companies ensures not only a greater business opportunity, but also a faster learning curve."

To avoid any speculation, and to give all EuroLeague fans the opportunity to own a piece of competition history, the launch of EuroLeague euroreels will be phased and from this moment all interested fans can join the EuroReels Beta Pass (RBP) list, to get notified when the Beta Platform will go live. This will be the place to create an account in anticipation for the private collection Beta release, before the general public release next month.

Clancy is a fan-based blockchain technology company, whose proprietary platform provides fan-driven businesses with blockchain solutions and custom NFT Markets that are an extension of each partner's brand. Clancy provides maximum interoperability, enabling partners to secure and control their operations in Web3.0.

Clancy secures collaborative content engagement, trading and gamification through a digital, amped-up interactive NFT experience. Clancy is delivering a new age of NFT fan-based collectibles through sports and entertainment solutions that increase fan bases and maximize engagement. For more information go to or email

Euroleague Basketball (EB) is a global leader in the sports and entertainment business, devoted to running the top European competitions of professional basketball clubs under a unique and innovative organizational model. Owned and administered by some of the most successful and historic clubs in the world, EB manages the continent's two premier men's basketball competitions, the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and the 7DAYS EuroCup, as well as the sport's premier under-18 showcase, the EB Adidas Next Generation Tournament.

The EB competitions bring the elite of European basketball to all five continents and to the entire sports community through the OTT platform EuroLeague TV. EB also organizes a series of community and educational activities, led by the One Team program, in alignment with the United Nations Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. On the academic side, the EB Sports Business MBA trains future professionals in sports management.

Press office: Phone: 34 933 278 427

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CAMX Power LLC Announces Transfer of GEMX® Cathode License from Johnson Matthey to EV Metals Group

LEXINGTON, Mass., May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- CAMX Power LLC (CAMX) announces it consented to Johnson Matthey Plc (JM) transferring its GEMX® and CAM-7® cathode license to EV Metals Group Plc (EVM). JM had previously obtained the license from CAMX, practicing it in its cathode business. JM has made the license part of the sale of its cathode business to EVM.

"When JM announced its exit from this sector in November 2021, CAMX was informed that the decision was based on JM's strategic and financial considerations and that the markets had actually reacted positively to the eLNO® cathode offer. The JM press release of today confirms this, bolstered by JM's retention of an equity interest in EV Metals, and also linking eLNO to the GEMX and CAM-7 platforms" said Dr. Kenan Sahin, Founder/President of CAMX.

Johnson Matthey announces sale of Battery Materials - which in part states:

"The sale also includes Johnson Matthey's eLNO® technology, underpinned by the GEMX® and CAM-7® cathode platforms that the company licensed from CAMX. EV Metals Group will continue to develop eLNO, building on the successful customer testing programme that Johnson Matthey had undertaken."

He continued, "Since the cathode is nearly 50% of the Lithium-ion cell cost and half of that is for metals and since EV Metals already has operations in and access to the key battery metals including Lithium, it is ideally positioned to be a competitive major supplier of the best in-class cathode material that eLNO is to the European markets where demand is extraordinarily high with key OEMs now having fully embraced EVs."

CAMX has extended its GEMX cathode platform, based on its globally patented grain boundary engineering inventions, to popular high Nickel chemistries, enhancing performance while lowering Cobalt. CAMX teams have created specific cathode products complete with precursor formulations which have been branded and include gNMC(TM), gNMCA(TM), gNCA(TM). With the GEMX license, EV Metals now gains immediate access to all these product families based on GEMX platform.

"EV Metal's pCAM (precursor for Cathode Active Material) business that moves Nickel and Lithium downstream, resolves precursor availability as a choke point in the supply chain. As a unique metals-to-pCAM-to-CAM supplier and with its deep financial resources, EV Metals is well poised to quickly complete and expand the cathode plants it has acquired from JM, and become a major cost-competitive cathode producer in short order." opined Sahin.

Samsung SDI and more recently LG Energy Solution are other licensees of the GEMX platform, and have already incorporated GEMX derived cathodes in some of the batteries they make. These two companies together account for 30% of global LIB sales.

Sahin concluded, "It is anticipated that EV Metals and CAMX will collaborate closely which CAMX aims to do with all its licensees as part of its technology development and transfer model. Our expectation is key members of the JM cathode business management team will also move to EV Metals, making the transition from JM to EV Metals much easier and collaboration with CAMX more effective. We have worked with the JM team across many years and have no doubt that, with their addition to the EV Metals team, the EV Metals cathode business will rapidly be a major global supplier."

CAMX maintains comparable development and scale-up facilities in Massachusetts including a cathode pilot plant and cell making facilities to quickly evaluate different cathode formulations in actual cells together with other components like anodes for optimal fit. All this will complement EV Metals' activities and facilities.

About CAMX Power CAMX Power, a major lithium-ion battery material and design company in the U.S., matures promising technologies in targeted domains to be de-risked, IP-protected and scaled-up; then licenses them, with deep technology transfer, to large manufacturing partners. Its leading offer, developed across several decades, is the globally patented GEMX® cathode platform which improves all Nickel based cathodes and lowers Cobalt thus significantly enhancing emobility(TM) and eportability(TM) energy storage products by cell and material makers. Samsung SDI and LG Energy Solution are among the other GEMX licensees.

For more information:

About Dr. Kenan E. Sahin Dr. Kenan E. Sahin is Founder/President of CAMX and the Founder/Chairman of TIAX LLC, from which he spun off CAMX in 2014. Previously he had founded Kenan Systems, grew it to 1,000 staff in six countries with its key offer Arbor/BP as a telecommunications billing platform. In 1999, he sold Kenan Systems to Lucent/Bell Labs, and served as a VP of Technology at Bell Labs. Lucent renamed Arbor/BP as Kenan/BP which it eventually sold. Kenan/BP (originally based on AI and Big Data) now processes over one billion telecommunication subscribers globally, by far the largest of its kind. Dr. Sahin founded and grew all three companies with his own funds.

He is life member emeritus of the MIT Board, previous member of Argonne National Lab Board, and serves on other non-profit Boards such as the Boston Symphony Orchestra. He was an academic at MIT, Harvard and the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. His inventions, patents, publications, and contributions cover a broad range. He is the recipient of the congressionally recognized Ellis Island Medal, the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer award and other awards. He has BS and PhD degrees from MIT.

Media enquiries Terry Lundstrom +1 978 484 5000

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Indiana to Showcase International Collaboration and Investment at Global Economic Summit

Governor Holcomb, Secretary Chambers Host Business and Economic Leaders from Around the World to Experience Indiana Innovation

INDIANAPOLIS, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The state of Indiana will host its inaugural Indiana Global Economic Summit today through May 29, welcoming international delegations from more than two dozen countries, business executives and government leaders, and convening thought leaders from around the globe to discuss next-generation industries, technology and talent.

Governor Eric J. Holcomb will deliver the opening address on May 26 and moderate multiple panels at the Summit, which will be conducted at the Indianapolis Convention Center. Earlier this week, Gov. Holcomb shared remarks on the government's role in augmented manufacturing during a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Gov. Holcomb was invited to speak at Davos in part because of Indiana's five-year streak of record economic development.

At the conclusion of the Summit, Gov. Holcomb and Indiana Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers will host dignitaries and business leaders at the Indianapolis 500, which will shine a global spotlight on Indiana and its innovation in motorsports. Not since the Pan Am games in 1987 have so many foreign dignitaries been together in Indiana.

"Indiana is marking its place on the global stage as we host the single biggest international week in state history," Gov. Holcomb said. "Our state's economic development strategy is paying big dividends, and we're thrilled that the Indiana Global Economic Summit will provide a platform to share the ingenuity and innovation that makes Indiana unique."

More than 800 people including 30 international delegations are scheduled to participate.

Global leaders gathering at the Summit will discuss topics such as the impact of the semiconductor supply chain on national security, sustainability in motorsports, building robust entrepreneurial ecosystems, biotech innovation in an emergency and the geopolitics of sports. They will also conduct business-to-business matchmaking and discuss ways to address global challenges such as food insecurity and supply chain disruption.

Speakers include:

-- Eric Schmidt, Former CEO, Google, Co-Founder, Schmidt Futures -- Dave Ricks, Chair and CEO, Eli Lilly & Company -- Jeff Simmons, President and CEO, Elanco -- Michael Andretti, Chairman & CEO, Andretti Autosport -- Micael Johansson, President and CEO, Saab AB -- Ravi Kumar, President, Infosys Additional featured speakers are listed here.

International delegations participating in the Summit include:

-- Australia -- Brazil -- Burma-Myanmar -- Canada -- China -- Congo -- Denmark -- France -- Germany -- Hungary -- India -- Israel -- Italy -- Japan -- Korea -- Latvia -- Lithuania -- Mexico -- Monaco -- Peru -- Portugal -- Qatar -- Slovakia -- Sweden -- Switzerland -- Taiwan -- Turkey -- Ukraine -- United Kingdom "We are thrilled to welcome global leaders to our state as we celebrate Indiana's economic momentum and explore new ways to build our future economy with like-minded partners from around the world," said Secretary Chambers. "The Summit provides a forum to strengthen relationships and further collaborate with the world's most dynamic thinkers and leaders on solutions to our most critical challenges that benefit all of us."

More information on the Summit is available here.

About the Indiana Global Economic Summit The inaugural Indiana Global Economic Summit will showcase leading-edge thinking from Indiana and the world, with a focus on sparking new ideas and shared solutions. The Summit will offer new and insights and opportunities for Indiana to foster global relationships for innovation, engage in critical conversations about the economy of the future, and collaborate on new ideas that spark discovery and entrepreneurship.

About IEDC The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) is charged with growing the State economy, driving economic development, helping businesses launch, grow and locate in the state. Led by Secretary of Commerce Brad Chambers, @SecChambersIN, and governed by a 15-member board chaired by Governor Eric J. Holcomb, @GovHolcomb, the IEDC manages many initiatives, including performance-based tax credits, workforce training grants, innovation and entrepreneurship resources, public infrastructure assistance, and talent attraction and retention efforts. For more information about the IEDC, visit

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